👋 Hello designers and engineers! Welcome to our Support Center where you can watch videos and read technical guides for tips and tricks to create WebAR Experiences. To get started, find the section you’re interested below or use the search in the upper right corner.


Get Inspired

Find out what and how to make different types of projects from easy to complex with the Builder or our SDK.

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3D Editor

Learn how to use our 3D Editor for Marker, World, Body & Face AR Experiences

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Prep Your 3D Assets for the Web

Review the best practices on 3D assets creation optimized for the web, specific for World and Marker AR Experiences.

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Code Inject

Learn how to inject code snippet templates as well as add your own code within the Builder. Access our library of templates.

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Set up your Project’s Analytics to track visitors, time spent, and more.

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Plans & Pricing

Get more information on the type of plan that best suits your needs.

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Builder 101

Learn terminology, how to set up your project for success, modify project URLs and more conversion-focused tips.


Create WebAR NFTs

Learn how to mint your AR Experiences and sell them on the Blockchain.

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Prep Your 3D Assets for the Body Tracking

Follow these steps to create fully rigged Avatars and Garments for different types of AR Experiences.

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Find out how to use the SDK to create completely custom experiences utilizing our Body and Face Tracking WebAR Technology.

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Live Events

Get the 411 on the hardware needed to run a live interactive AR event with Geenee tech.